Pretty Face 1.9

Pretty Face 1.9
This mod replaces textures of face for female in Skyrim.
The concept is flat and Smooth face with little realistic.


  • Renew textures for men.
  • Reduce texture size of specular file.
  • Clearly double eyelid


  • More realstic textures.
  • Added pretty face for men. 
  • Removed eyes files.
  • Meshes fix and eyebrows files moved to option files.
  • Remove file.
An additional man in version 1.8. Slightly dark with 1.9 update.

Option Files

・Pretty Face Eyebrows

This files included in ECE. If you installed ECE, it is unnecessary. Female only.

・Darker Eyebrows

It is twice darker eyebrows than above eyebrows.

・Flatter Normalmap

It is a normal map to make it look flatter. Specifically, eyelid and nose are less shadows. Texture can be used even if it is not a Pretty Face.


・Pretty Face Mesh Fix

Modify rounded cheeks and symmetrize the around eyes. Female only.
This files included in ECE. If you installed ECE, it is unnecessary.

\meshes\actors\character\character assets
femalehead.nif - It make symmetrize the around eyes.
FemaleHeadraces.tri - Human female face more rounded cheeks.

・CBBE/UNP Neck Patch

This files almost fixing neck seams.
It is not perfect, so I recommend use UNP texture blender or Caliente's texture blender if you want to fix perfectly.


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