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TK HitStop
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When the player hits an actor or an object, a “hit-stop” (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects. This makes weapon strikes feel more solid and heightens the sense that a hit has actually been made.

You can customize settings in MCM.
You can customize each value, of “actor” or “object” independently (read below).

LE Requirement

Skyrim 1.9.32
SKSE 1.7.3
SkyUI 3.1+

SE Requirement

Skyrim 1.5.50
SKSE64 2.0.8
SkyUI 5.2SE


Upgrade from 1.2,1.3 to 1.4:

Overwites in MOD manager(e.g. NMM).
Manual upgrade: overwrite the files.


If you don't install SKSE, install it.
Download "Download with manager".
Install in your mod manager.


Use the in-game Mod Configuration Menu first to deactivate the mod in-game before deleting it.
Then save, quit the game and uninstall in your mod manager.


If you have installed SkyUI 3.1+, you can adjust each function in MCM.

ActorNPC and creature
ObjectWall and object
Hit Stop Simulates a pause in the movement of the player and the enemy. Default: 0.08 seconds.
PowerAttack TimeAdds additional time to the hit stop, camera shake, and controller vibration when hit by a power attack. Default: 0.08 seconds.
Blur EffectApplies radial blur to the player’s camera. Default: 1.0.
Shake Camera : Shakes the player’s camera. Default: 1.0.
Shake Controller   Vibrates the controller. Default: Off.
HitBlockedToggle this option to apply effect when player attack is blocked. Default:On
Activate ModThis mod turns on/off


TK HitStop should be compatible with all other mods.


I was wondering if you could translate an English text of MCM into your language. A google spreadsheet can be edited by anyone.
Thanks for your help.

My Other mods

For the ultimate combat experience, why not combine TKHitstop with some of my other mods?

TK Recoil: When the player shot a bow or crossbow or staff, a "recoil" (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects.
Ultimate Dragons: Overhauls dragon combat. Adds new animations and behaviors.
Ultimate Combat: Overhauls combat. Adds new animations and behaviors for NPC.
TK Dodge: Adds dodge animations for player.

Special Thanks

AltheaR - Translation to English
Bechamimi - Translation to English
Himika - Make Plugin
Towawot - Make Plugin

Production history

I felt the emptiness that reaction was the same even if I slash an air or enemy.

Recently in various games, I'm sticking to the hit feeling. I think that it is very important for the game to play as a game that a proper response to comfort is to come.

However, I do not like hit stops well. It is unnatural because it makes the game tempo bad, and if it can be represented exactly with animations and effects, that one is better.
If possible, it's better to slow down a character just after hit, but for the convenience of stability it has changed the method three times in the process of version upgrade.

· Method in which player movement slows down only after hit by changing weapon speed

It is said that "hit slow", it matches the physical characteristics, and since this does not break the tempo, this method is adopted in many action games.

However, I implement it in Skyrim, weapon speed is unusually high speed and will not return to the original. It is vanilla bug, I could not fixed it. So I quited this method.

· Method to slow the whole game

It's strange that the whole game will be slow, but it's better than not being usable.
I implemented same as slow magic. However, that conflicts with slow magic. If it is a vanilla spell, I could exclude it, but I cannot deal spell added by mod.
In addition, I felt unsatisfactory because feel of hit was not hard.

Also, I tried another method slow before hit. there was a bug that prevented Kill Move from occurring, so it was no good.

· Method to stop the entire game

It is this now. I use the mechanism that the game stops when I open the menu. It does not compete at all and it is extremely stable.

It is the same method as a fighting game so I think there is no sense of incongruity .
I took time to exclude hit bug by enchantment and explosion.

Version 1.4

Thanks towawot, many processing can deal in SKSE plugin,  so the problem was solved and load became less.

Since Ultimate Combat 3.0 and later I want to raise the battle tempo, I lowered the default value of hit stop time slightly according to it.


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