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Enhanced Character Edit 1.5
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This MOD is aimed at easier character creation and more finely adjustable.

Addition of head parts such as nose and eyes.
The main functions are add some new sliders, face parts, new race, realistic colors, vertex editing, improvement head parts and more.

Update 1.5

  • Added vampire eyes to normal races.
  • Fixed the bug that vampire NPC become black face. Instead, Enhancedcharacteredit.esp requires dawnguard.
  • Fixed the bug that makeup is reset when becoming a vampire.
  • Fixed a mistake in attack data. Correction the same to the unofficial patch.
  • Included XPMSE skeleton. Excluded other skeletons.
  • Included ECEE 1.46, added many slider.
  • Included More Body Slider as a installer option, added many body slider.
  • Added three eyes (38, 39, 40) and one nose (31) for men.
  • Improved nose of ygNord male race.
  • Corresponded YgNord man's beards and scars.
  • Changed sk map for the YgNord man.
  • Changed YgNord skeleton to XPMSE as default.
  • Enabled stop animation with semicolon key.
  • The back of the neck can be editable in vertex editor.
  • Fixed garbled characters when Japanese name slider was installed.
  • Console fonts included for Japanese user.
  • Supported German and French language for additional slider of ECEE and MBS. 

Update 1.4

  • 2016/06/25 Publish "No Green Moles & Freckles Patch". Overwrite folder. That resolves greening of face when ECE's mole and freckle's facial color map are used. Also modified ygNord's BlankDetailMap. It is already included in ECE 1.4 after 2016/6/25. Please use Unmasked Faces - no green detailmaps for complexion and necks to correct the greening phenomenon of Vanilla's complexion map. You can pull out BlankDetailMap with ygNord and put it in the same folder as vanilla. 
  • 2016/01/05 Publish USKP Legendary Edition patch in Nexus optional file.
  • Added head file output feature.
  • War paint can be changed to any color. 
  • When you save the slot, output parameters of skeleton in slot file.
  • Number of slot increased from 25 to 40. 
  • Supported French language.
  • Added nine sliders from ECEE1.42.

Update 1.3

  • Fixed bug ygNord male body is not displayed without version change.
  • Added Stop animation slider to vertex edit category. 
  • Hair slider is displayed hair name.
  • Added left side of Femalize slider. 
  • High-resolution UV map of vertex edit is resized to 2048x2048.  
  • Added eyewholes hight slider.
  • Supported language Japanese and Deutsch.
  • Added five eyebrows of male.
  • Ygnord is separated body from vanilla.
  • Ygnord have new body and face texture.
  • Improved Error message.
  • Human race female vampire applies the vampire's eyes correctly.

How about Upgrade

ECE1.4 face data is compatible with ones in 1.x.

ECE1.0+ is quite different from the older ones. It is changed completely because of adding a extra slider system. Nose, eyes and mouth are reset.
Especially if you mod ygnord, please backup it before updating. _ECE_Backup.bat is an automatic backup tool. When putting it in the Data folder, it backs up ECE related files in the Data \ _ECEBackup folder.


Additional Slider

This mod adds more than 50 extra sliders (without beast race).
It can be 1.5 times wider slider included existing one.
Adds following sliders.
[Body] [Face] [Eyes] [Nose]
Slot Load Face Width Eye Height Nose Forward
Name Load Face Length Eye Rotate Nose Bridge Width
Head Size Face Forward Iris Height Nose Tip Slope
Neck Up/Down* Face Depth Eyelash Length Nostril Size
Shoulder Scale Forehead Width Upper Eyelid Height Nose Sellion Width
Hand Size Neck Width Lower Eyelid Height Nose Sellion Depth
Leg Size Cheek Width Eye Size Nose Sellion Wide
BreastScale** Cheek Roundness Iris Place Nose Bridge Depth
ButtScale*** Chin Depth Iris Size Nose Region Convex
Height Chin Jutting EyeWhole Height [Race Trait]
Quiver Scale [Mouth] Upper Eyelid Shape [EyeBrows]
Waise Scale* Lip Size Lower Eyelid Shape Eyebrow Slope
Weapon Scale Upper Lip Size Eyebags Scale Eyebrow Arching
[Head] Lower Lip Size [Ear] Eyebrow Thickness
Face Roundness Dimple Depth Ear Size
Age Lip Pouting Ear Shape
Femalize Lip Tilt Up Elf Ear
Mouth Width Ear Height

*NeckDown and WaistScale sliders are required custom skeleton which is included in this mod. Please select the option in the installer.
**BreastScale slider is required BBP meshes and skeleton.
***ButtScale slider is required TBBP meshes and skeleton.(Unsupported current TBBP mesh)

Zoom and Light

It can be use zoom and light on racemenu.

Shift key Switch 3-step zoom
Ctrl key Switch 5-step light
Shift key + Mouse Wheel Stepless zoom(FOV)
Shift key+ Mouse move Change camera dircetion

Vertex Editing


It can be adjusted to a vertex position. It supports human mesh of vanilla.
I recommend using a mouse and wide screen.

How to Use

  1. When you select Vertex Edit category, show a UV map on the lower center, so you can choose a vertex.
  2. You can tweak a selected vertex by dragging crossed arrow or moving xyz sliders.
  3. You can scale the map on the mouse wheel.

  • Mirror edit mode(x symmetrical) is default. It can be toggle in the slider.
  • Stop Animation Slider is stopped animation of standing.
  • Vertex does not confirm edit until you change a selected vertex. If you want to edit the same vertex, you will need to be re-selected ones.
  • When you move a vertex, you can edit range to be moved at same time apex of that around.
    The type of interpolation can be specified following mode.
     - cubic interpolation (smooth mountain-shaped)
     - line interpolation (pyramid )
     - flat interpolation (same movement in range)
  • Move the reset slider to reset all vertex edits after confirmation.
  • The line of polygon can be turned ON / OFF with Alt key.
  • War paint is temporarily turned off during vertex editing.

Fix existing head parts

Improve almost existing head parts to make it easy character creation.Fix parts that easier to having angle or mouth come out.

Save and Load

You can save in the slot when you exit the showracemenu. Saved-slot can be called from the Slot Load slider.

Note: A saved slot is stored slot 1 to 40. Location of slots are after pressing Next from Preset 1, 2, 3 of the slot load slider. Not preset 1, 2, 3.

Undo/Redo Panel

Revision history listed on the left side, you can undo/redo freely by clicking.
Undo is recordable up to 50 times.
You can scroll through the history on the mouse wheel.
You can also move one at a time with PageUp / Down on the keyboard.
Some operations are not listed in revision history.

Additional Race - YgNord

Note: This race uses a different folder in both textures and meshes.
You need to manually put the correct files from body and/or face mod in following folders.

YgNord's status and ability are same as Nord.
YgNord's female more rounded cheeks and lower nose.
YgNord's male is the default face. Recommended use a female slider, because hair may be buried under face.

Includes "Race Compatibility" and "Race Compatibility improved" for additional race bug fixed.


Folder structure

\Female \Male
femalebody_1.dds malebody_1.dds
femalebody_1_msn.dds malebody_1_msn.dds
femalebody_1_s.dds malebody_1_s.dds
femalebody_1_sk.dds malebody_1_sk.dds
femalehands_1.dds malehands_1.dds
femalehands_1_msn.dds malehands_1_msn.dds
femalehands_1_s.dds malehands_1_s.dds
femalehands_1_sk.dds malehands_1_sk.dds
femalehead.dds malehead.dds
femalehead_msn.dds malehead_msn.dds
femalehead_s.dds malehead_s.dds
femalehead_sk.dds malehead_sk.dds
Female Male
femalebody_0.nif malebody_0.nif
femalebody_1.nif malebody_1.nif
femalefeet_0.nif malefeet_0.nif
femalefeet_1.nif malefeet_1.nif
femalehands_0.nif malehands_0.nif
femalehands_1.nif malehands_1.nif
femalehead.nif malehead.nif
skeleton_female.nif skeleton.nif

Other Feature

  • Color slider - You can set skin, makeup, hair, battle makeup to any color with a slider.
  • Facial expression slider - You can set faical expressions. The facial expression conforms to Female Facial Animation.
  • Export face - Press F1 key, you can put out face nif and makeup file. It can not be output during color slider and vertex editing. It places in "Data\SKSE\Chargen\your character name". Use for making follower and NPC.
  • Symmetricized human female face mesh is put in it.
  • Human female race cheek is changed the outline is slightly rounded. This modification can be turned ON / OFF at installation.
  • Addition of human race parts to Orc and Elf races.
  • Adds presets for make-up and skin color. Human race + Bosmer women only. *
  • Adds hair color preset Add 20 colors in hues close to vanilla. *
  • Adds eyebrow for female to 11 and male to 5. *
  • Adds a freckle and a mole to complexion. *
  • It is light weight during the game.
*Note: If you select incompatible package in installer, cannot use it.


Requirement: SKSE 1.69+ Skyrim 1.9.32

Common tasks:

1) Install SKSE if you don't install ones. It makes sure put scripts in the data folder.

Install with NMM:

  1. Download from "Download with manager" button on nexus.
  2. Press the "Activates the selected Mod" button.
  3. Select if you need options.
  4. When asked if you want to overwrite existing files, say "Yes to all".

Install with Wrye Bash:

  1. Run Wrye Bash.
  2. Select the mod in the Installers tab of Wrye Bash and then drag and drop EnchancedChacterEdit.7z.
  3. When asked if you want to copy or move, you chose either one.
  4. Right-clicked and then select the wizard.
  5. Select if you need options.
  6. Check the Apply these selections and Install this package and then press the finish at the end.

Install with Mod Organizer

Some Mod Organizer version have a problem that installer cannot handle file path correctly. If it don't work, please try to following manual install.
  1. Install from MO by choosing choices with ECE installer.
  2. If you want to use ygNord Unzip the downloaded "EnhancedCharacterEdit.7z" to an arbitrary folder. 
  3. "02 Overwrite" the EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp in the YgNord folder to the Mod Organizer \ mods \ Enhanced Character Edit folder.

Manual Installation

  1. Copy "00 Main" folder into the Skyrim Data folder (in general here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data)
  2. Copy "01 ECE" and "02 YgNord" into Skyrim data folder too.
  3. Optionally install each option in the Options folder.
  4. Activate esps in your mod manager. The load order is follow.

In regard to optional files:

Full package: It available all the features.
No Additional Race: It not add the additional race which YgNord.
Incompatible Package: It cannot be used other features of e.g. adds eyebrows, alternatively it does not conflict with mod which edits race record (such as SkyRe race).
Skeletons: Required to use the neck and waist sliders. Please select skeleton mod which you are using.
If not on this list, modify skeleton yourself. I explain in the Q & A "How to modify a skeleton for applying neck and waist slider".
No Cheeks fix: Disable modify to round cheeks for the human female.
No Vampire Cheek: No sunken cheeks when player is a vampire.
Slider 2x: It can be twice wider sliders.
Slider 2x and Step 2x: It can be twice wider and detailed sliders.

Use in game

  1. Type "showracemenu" in console command.
  2. You create character just like vanilla.
  3. Character creation finished, after inputting name, slot dialog appears.
  4. Please select a slot number you want to save.
    A saved slot can be called with the slot slider in showracemenu.


When you run into trouble, please show a message or Data\SKSE\plugins\CharacterMakingExtender.log.

Q Don't work correctly

  • Rarely script does not work when first time install the mod.
    Please save and exit a game, and then load the save data.
    If script doesn't work, light feature also doesn't. It is a vanilla bug.
  • Failed Installation with Mod OrganizerThere is a possibility that installation has failed.
    Mod Orgnaizer basically installs all the files installed in the files in the Data folder into the Mod Organizer \ mods folder.

    Please check if dll plugin, ECE related files such as CME and ini are included. Please do not put ECE related files in Skyrim's Data folder.
  • Install SKSE correctly
    It may be overwritten with an update or MOD. Let's reinstall it. And run the game from skse_loader.exe.
  • Failed to download it
    If you download it directly from Nexus with DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER, there is a possiblility of failure to download the mod when Nexus is heavy traffic. It will work well if redownload it.
  • When the additional slider does not appear
    Please check "Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharacterMakingExtender_plugin.dll" has been installed correctly.
  • Even if there is an additional slider, if the slider does not work.
    Check "EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp" and "CharacterMakingExtender.esp" are enabled.
  • Showracemenu and you will get out with $ CME WaitMessage.
    Please enable CharacterMakingExtender.esp.
  • When you see a log, "Can not call Papyrus script event" appears.
    Please check CharacterMakingExtender.esp is enabled.
    And then check "Data\Scripts folder contains "zzcharactermakingextenderloadscript.pex" and "zzcharactermakingextenderscript.pex".
    Please enter the following in the console.
    StopQuest zzExCharGenQuest
    StartQuest zzExCharGenQuest
  • Crash on title
    Maybe skeleton is mismatch. Please re-select your skeleton in installer option.
    Crash example: Despite installed BBP animation in your skyrim,  you chose a vanilla skeleton as a skeleton option.
  • When crash on showracemenu OR display a dialog "target cache has not found. please retry. System is too heavy?" when running showracemenu.
    Please check for conflicting MOD.
    Use ShowRaceMenu PreCacheKiller or do character creation in indoors with few objects. If you are using an additional race other than ygnord, please refer "Q. I want to apply additional slider to additional race" below.

Q.Player's face does not apply after loading

Maybe failed to rewrite tri files. Try to work below steps.
  1. Open file explorer navigate to your \steam\steamapps\common\skyrim folder.
  2. Right click on TES.exe then choose Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility tab, then click the box by Run this program as an administrator. Click Ok...done
  4. Do the above steps also with skse_loader.exe and your mod manager e.g. NexusClient.exe or ModOrganizer.exe.

Q. Neck down and waist sliders does not appear.

A. It is required skeleton that supports this feature.
- If you use the skeleton in options.
Use the installer when you choose skeletons.
YgNord and other additional race Skeleton separated.
Please copy and paste it from the options.

- How to modify the skeleton for applying neck and waist sliders.
Required: NifSkope
  1. Open the skeleton that you want to edit in NifSkope.
  2. Unchecked the Auto sanitized before save.
  3. Follow the hierarchy of blocklist.
  4. Skeleton female.nif -> NPC -> NPC Root -> NPC COM -> NPC Spine -> NPC Spine1 -> NPC Spine2 -> NPC Neck -> NPC Head
  5. Click Select Node-> Attach Parent Node-> NiNode right while selecting NPC Head.
  6. Click the icon of the Value of Name Txt where in the Block Details.
  7. Enter "CME HeadPos" in the input field.
  8. Hold Ctrl + down key, until set a maximum number of nodes on the Block List. (maximum number of node: about 268)
  9. Repeat steps 3-7 for CME Spine1, CME Spine 2. (NPC -> NPC Root -> NPC COM -> NPC Spine -> NPC Spine1 -> NPC Spine2)
  10. Save file at the end.

Q. Apply additional sliders to the additional race.

Many additional races to respond automatically.
Create a new ini file from the text in data\meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\.
Type the following.
EDID = YgNordRace, ygNordRaceVampire
SliderIni = commonTriRaces\HumanRaces_Slider.ini
Preset = YgNordPreset1.slot

EDID has to fit exactly with (EditorID appropriate tribal Race-> open in TES5Edit or CK) name of Editor ID.

※ Additional race e.g. Ashen that morph is separated unsupport.
Copy and paste textures from unsupported race folder to YgNord folder. Use the YgNord is easy.

Q. Apply face data are made by additional sliders to the NPC.

You can import to NPC face morph.
※ Body sliders, hair and colors cannot be applied.

First, make a face you want to transport in showracemenu.
This is saved in NoseType32.
Load and save as Skyrim.esm in CK. (example:Lydia.esp)
Check this esp, CharacterMakingExtender.esp and hair esp(esm) If you use, active only made a esp and then load files.
Select the actor you want to change, click the Reset All button and then select NoseType32 in the Character Gen tab.
Edit hair and makeup in Chargen Parts tab. Click the OK after editing.
Your output selected the actor to mesh with Ctrl + F4. Save temporarily.
If you don't need master file to CharacterMakingExtender.esp, push the Ctrl + Delete deregistrate master in File->Data window->Parent Masters and then load and save.
If you want to apply npc to change neck-length and head size.

When you do not work, you do not change the neck-length and head size. Position of hair is incorrect.
Head equipment is incorrect with even when performing this task, because it changes the mesh.
You want to correct the head equipment, not in this way, please specify the Skeleton was custom made a dedicated race.
When you want to apply the length of the neck / head size, change the 33 LipType. You know hair is incorrect in the preview. This is fixed in later, you output selected the actor to mesh with Ctrl + F4.
NifSkope is below open in meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\, the face data of NPC. (It is easy updates to the most recent date and time sort)
We enter what you choose "Hair ~" of NiTriShape, enter twice the length of the neck that you noted to Z of Translation, + 1 to the size of the head to Scale.
Right-click, Transform-> Apply the NiTriShape, and then ignore the warning click "Try anyway". Hair... made to all, please save. Be displayed correctly.

Q. What is the name slider?

For Japanese user. It is necessary for entering the name in Japanese.

Q. How to change the maximum value of the slider.

A. For break through the limit even if there is risk of collapse.
If you want to double, you should select the "More sliderMax x2" in installer.
Compatible with slot saved because only the maximum value of the slider changes; however if the load on the environment that does not have to change the maximum value, it will be fixed for the maximum value of the environment.
Be careful when you want to publish/distribute.
If you set it manually, to .ini (any) in the meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\ the maximum value is multiplied by [number] if you write "[number] SliderScale =".

Q. I want to change the weapon size when drawn.

Modify hand scale slider in ini.
  1. Open CharacterMakingExtender \ commonTriRaces' humanraces_slider.ini (note:elves and orc are different files).
  2. Find $ CME_HandScale 905, 2... at line 157. 
  3. Rewrite "WEAPON, (1 / x)" at the end of the line.
    Example: WEAPON, (1.1741 / x)

Q. Vertex selection and color adjustment sliders of hair switching and vertex editing are heavy loading.

Before starting the game, set ReduceSystemMemoryUsage = false in ENB's enblocal.ini [MEMORY] item. However, this setting is normally recommended that set true for normal game play because it will crash when memory usage reaches 4 G or more.

Known issues / bugs

 - Player re-ride horse when you load the save state on horse riding. It is in order to fix bug blown away.
 - Player is forced third-person view when you load the save state on first-person view. It is in order to fix bug of incorrect scale.


Vampire Face Less Sunken Cheeks Please use option - No Vampire Cheeks.
Ethereal Elven Overhaul 
BFG - Better FaceGen Vampire Face Less Sunken Cheeks

Please use the optional No Vampire Cheeks.
RANs Head Mesh Variants
Race Menu

About Racemenu

This mod cannot use with Racemenu, but you can export face data (press F1 key) to RaceMenu. Need to deactivate CharacterMakingExtender.esp while running racemenu.
ECE adds importance to ease of use, ease of facial creation, stability, additional sliders, parts improvement, vertex editing and so on. It is stable and light weight during game play because it only be running with startup and in Showracemenu.

I think that Racemenu focuses on multifunctionality such as paint overlay and cool UI. You can use it properly according to the purpose.

ECE Team

tktk    - Author of ECE. Adds color and parts.
RAN46   - RANs CharGen Morph. Adds parts.
kapaer  - Author of CharacterMakingExtender. Adds slider.


Expired6978 - Racial Compatibility and Chargen Extension(Chargen.dll)
Himika - Racial Compatibility - compatibility with other mods improved
Nao - Female Facial Animation SKSE team
- SKSE SkyUI team - creating Unofficial UI SDK
CherryHotaling - CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod
dDefinder - Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Bethesda Softworks


  • You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances.
  • You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances.
  • You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it.
  • You feel free to use face data, slot and ini file from make this mod. No need to contact me. But you distribute tri files, because of avoid conflicting this mod. It is no necessary to include tri file in face mod.

Special Thanks

Althea Translate into English.
Hakaisama Translate into German.
Narsilien80/Aravis7 Translate into French.

Not to do

Multilayer war paint and makeup. We cannot do it because the mechanism is completely different with racemenu. ECE is based on tri(morph file), racemenu is based on nif. Basically ECE have a high affinity to vanilla, so it is stable. Multilayer feature needs nif-based system, but pay is too high.

Production Story

RAN and I made similar head mesh mods separately, so ECE became collaborative work. ECE was originally a texture change mod, but from that time it became a mod dealing with additional head parts. After release CME (Charater Making Extender) of the additional slider mod made by kapaer, it came out as embedded ECE 0.9. CME is a base system such as addtional slider and vertex editing. Editing of the slider itself is done by kapaer, RAN and me. I, RAN and kapaer are working separately, I release them collectively as ECE.


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