Kanra Follower

Kanra Follower

Adds a follower of Kanra the fox near the Riverwood sawmill.


Skyrim 1.932
SKSE 1.73


Kanra is around the stump of Riverwood sawmills. position.jpg

If you cannot found it, please use the following console command.
player.moveto XX002DBB

XX is numbers of load order kanrafollower.esp.

If Kanra cannot move, click it and then type ResetAI in the console.
Or adds to a follower and then try to give a food.

Kanra is the essential follower, it does not die.kanrasanserifu.jpgIt is a count of a human follower, if you would like to take another follower, please use a multi follower mod.


Kanra can eat a food.
It eats your dropped food when follower and safe state.
You need to give your food one by one and near the Kanra.

Eating your food is gone, but a blessing of Kanra is obtained and the stamina is +10 for 8 hours.
Sometimes the position shifts or does not react, so it is not very accurate.


You can get devil mask for Kanra, let's type console command.
player.additem XX005E31 1

XX is numbers of load order in kanrafollower.esp.

Player can equip it, but it cannot display it.
You give it Kanra, Kanra equips it.

Kanra Follower Addon

These add equipment and coat color variations.
These made by SaLa. You can enjoy dressing up.

Required: Kanra follower
Download below links:


Introduction of other Kanra's mods

Kankaraya by Kanra

This mod adds a shop called "Kankaraya" in the northwest of Falkreath. Kanra is the shopkeeper and it is very nice with Taisho Roman(Early 20th-century Japanese style) atmosphere. It sells equipment such as kimonos.
Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49292/ enb-2014_03_15-21_23_56_69.jpg

Kanra Delivery by saLa

It replaces the delivery person with Kanra.
It is in the optional file of Kankaraya.Download: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49292/

Kanra the World Eater by saLaさん

Kanra family will appear at various places in Skyrim.
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/16he30a2pv9a4r6/KANRA+the+World-Eater.7z KanratheWorldEater.jpg

Special Thanks

Kanra - give resource and permission.


I will inherit the bellow permission of Kankaraya.

All object of "Kankaraya" can be used as resources of mod produced by you.
Feel free to modify equipment.
However, you cannot reupload this whole mod.


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