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My Mod List

This page is my mods list.

Enhanced Character EditAdds some new sliders, face parts, a new race, realistic colors, vertex editing, improvement head parts and more. Ultimate CombatEasy-to-play combat overhaul mod that adds continuous attacks, dash attacks, and dodge etc. TK DodgeAdds dodge for the player. TK HitStopWhen the player hits an actor or an object, a “hit-stop” (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects. This makes weapon strikes feel more solid and heightens the sense that a hit has actually been made. TK RecoilWhen the player shot a bow or crossbow or staff, a "recoil" (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects. Khajiit Child Ma'ishaThis mod adds a Khajiit child whose name is Ma'isha.
You can adopt her such as other urchins. TK ChildrenThis mod modifies child faces for giving some variation.
Face modeling is based on parents and personality. Quick LightTurn on a light when long press the activation key.
It can be op…

Kanra Follower

Kanra Follower

Adds a follower of Kanra the fox near the Riverwood sawmill.

Requirement Skyrim 1.932
SKSE 1.73

DescriptionKanra is around the stump of Riverwood sawmills.

If you cannot found it, please use the following console command.
player.moveto XX002DBB

XX is numbers of load order kanrafollower.esp.

If Kanra cannot move, click it and then type ResetAI in the console.
Or adds to a follower and then try to give a food.

Kanra is the essential follower, it does not die.It is a count of a human follower, if you would like to take another follower, please use a multi follower mod.

Meal Kanra can eat a food.
It eats your dropped food when follower and safe state.
You need to give your food one by one and near the Kanra.

Eating your food is gone, but a blessing of Kanra is obtained and the stamina is +10 for 8 hours.
Sometimes the position shifts or does not react, so it is not very accurate.

Equipment You can get devil mask for Kanra, let's type console command.
player.additem XX005…

The Adoring Fan

The Adoring Fan 1.0

Adds the adoring fan.
You can find him in candlehearth hall, Windhelm.
He is a follower. He respawns in windhelm when he dies.

We don't know why he is alive. Sheogorath's prank or a descendant?

He uses separate textures and meshes.
You don't need any additional mods for his appearances.

Face Textures: Pretty Face for Men
Meshes: Vanilla
Eyes: Original
Eyebrows: Original

This mod uses Vicn's resource. And he made dialogues and hair.
Thanks to Vicn.

Required Skyrim 1.9
SKSE 1.6.16+
Fuz Ro Do-h - Silent Voice
InstallationSKSE and Fuz Ro Do-h - Silent VoiceCopy contents of the package to your Skyrim directory.Need to save and then reload this data. Uninstallation Type StopQuest zzzDialogueAdoringFan in console, save and delete files.

Voice Not included. You convert your own files.
Or copy xwmsample folder of onion voice collection to DataSoundVoiceAdoringFan.espzOnionVoice.

Extra Adds a unisex hair for the player.

Permission Feel free to use thi…

Faster Transform - To Werewolf and Vampire Lord

Faster Transform

To transform faster human to werewolf or werebear or vampire lord.
You can choose two options.
"Quick" omit to transform animation as short as possible.
"Half" is twice as fast as the vanilla transforming animation.

This mod does not have script and esp. It only is changed animations.

InstallationInstall with NMM:
1) Download from "Download with manager" button on Nexus.
2) Press the "Activates the selected Mod" button.
3) Select if you need options.

Install with Wrye Bash:
Run Wrye Bash.Select the mod in the Installers tab of Wrye Bash and then drag and drop the FasterTransform.7z file.When asked if you want to copy or move, you chose either one.Right-clicked and then select the wizard.Select if you need options.Check the Apply these selections and Install this package and then press the finish at the end.
Manual Install:
Extract the downloaded archive to a temporary location.Then move it to the Skyrim "Data" folder…

TK Combat

TK Combat 1.1

Description This mod adds a series of special moves which consume Magicka. They are similar to "spell sword" abilities found in other games. I created this mod using only animations and visual effects found in vanilla Skyrim.

My Goal The purpose of this mod is to improve the player's combat experience, like "TK Dodge" and "TK HitStop".
It is an experimental mod.
Finally, I will plan to create another mod whichplayer adds attack animation without magic before long.

Have you ever found switching spells in Skyrim annoying? That is the reason why I started to make this mod.
This mod aims to improve the combat in Skyrim (a little) by integrating magic skill with weapon attacks.
You know, like you get in other video games.

It also has some "special moves" which enhance normal attacks e.g. "Pursuit", "Shield Breaker" and more. See below for detailed descriptions.

My goal is to achieve a modest balance…

Simple Horse

Simple Horse 1.11

This mod modify horse function e.g. call a last ridden horse with whistle, horse is no fighting.
It is simple, stable, almost no performance hit and compatible with almost mods.

My Goal I used great horse mods before, e.g. "convenient horses" and "Immersive horses".
Those quality is nice, but those are heavy mod for me.
I avoid needless functions, I aim to be more stable and lighter weight.
Maybe this mod is the lowest performance hit in horse overhaul mods.

Requirement SKSE1.7 +
SkyUI 3.1+
Call a last ridden horse Add "Call Horse" power when start a game.
Use it or press "H" key on the keyboard, you can call a last ridden horse.
It can be changed a key in MCM.

In the case of out of sight come from behind to the front.
You cannot call in interior.

No fighting A last ridden horse is no fighting.
If you want the horse to be aggressive, unchecked "No Fighting" in MCM.

Fast dismount Speed ​​to dismount f…

Quick Light

Quick Light 1.2

Turn on a light when long press the activation key.
It can be operated like the pip-boy light in Fallout 4.
It is aimed to be quick, easy, simple.

Stable, almost no performance hit, compatible with almost mods.Not use an equip slot.The light has infinite duration.No make terrible face by the lantern light.If you use the face light and face light+, auto turn off it for compatible. If you turn off the light, turns on the face light. How to Use You can quickly use it after installing.
Turn on/off the light when long press the activation key.
X BOX Pad : A button
Keyboard : E key

It can not be turned on/off the light when player targets something on cross-hair.

Configuration It can be configured in the SkyUI MCM.

Type of Light Source Choose one as a light source among lantern, magic, no effect.

Brightness Choose one as brightness of a light source among normal, slightly bright, bright and wide.

Long Press Set long press the activation key time.

Activate Mod Deact…

TK Children

TK Children 2.0
LE DownloadSE DownloadX BOX ONE

This mod revamped in version 2.0!
If you upgrade version 1.0 to 2.0, please uninstall version 1.0 before install 2.0.
Features This mod modifies child faces for giving some variation.
Adds eight hairs for children, and faces are editable in CK.
Face modeling is based on parents and personality.
Babette wears a dark brotherhood cloth.
Aeta wears a Skaal cloth.

Requirement DLC Hearthfire, Dragonborn.
InstallationDownload from "Download with manager" button on Nexus. Press the "Activates the selected Mod" button. Select if you need options in Installer. Install optionsLanguage selection. English or Japanese.USLEEP patch.Disable/Enable sub surface map for glitch stripes in a face.
If you do not use ENB, choose "No SSS".Changes Babette's eyes to vampire or nothing.

Edit a child face in CKRun Creation Kit, click File -> Data..., active TKChildren.esm and then OK. Chose an actor you want to edit in the Object Wi…

TK Recoil

TK Recoil 1.4

Features When the player shot a bow or crossbow or staff, a "recoil" (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects.
This makes weapon recoil feel more solid and heightens the sense that a hit has actually been made. This mod does not add an animation.
Mod customize menu You can customize each value, of weapon independently (read below) in MCM.

TK Recoil applies the following effects when shooting:

Recoil Time: Simulates a pause in the movement of the player and the enemy.
Blur Effect: Applies a radial blur to the player's camera.
Shake Camera: Shakes the player's camera.
Shake Controller: Vibrates the controller. Default: Off.
Active: Toggle this option to apply effects.

Requirements The following or their later versions are required to run TK Recoil:

Skyrim 1.9.32
SkyUI 3.1
SKSE 1.7.3

Installation Install with your mod manager.
*This mod has shared some files TK Hitstop. You can overwrite it without problems.

Known issues/bugs If…

saLa Hair

saLa Hair 1.1
DownloadSpecial EditonXbox One

Feature This mod adds 30 hairs for women, 4 hairs for men.

These are not converted hairs. saLa and me(tktk) designed hairs for Skyrim.
Package is light size, permissions are clear.

Enjoy do your character's hair.

Not To doUpload old version.Hair creation request.Support HDT. We don't have 3ds max.
You feel free to use hair data for your follower, NPC. But, you must write the credit(use the saLaHair) in your description. No need to contact authors.You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances.You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances.
It took us three years to officially release it. Thanks for your support.

Pretty Face

Pretty Face 2.0

Coming Soon...!!

This mod replaces textures of face for human female and male in skyrim.
The concept is flat and smooth face with little realistic.

Optional RequirementSKSE Needs to display makeup files at high resolution. If not used, those will be displayed at low resolution.

A little work is necessary after installing SKSE.

Open Data/SKSE/SKSE.ini, copy and paste below lines.

Files "Pretty Face" only include female files.
If you want to use textures for men, let's download "Pretty Face for men".
Please choose from Vanilla, CBBE, UNP, depending on using body.

\female  - Diffuse map, 2k resolution, DXT1 compression. - Normal map, 1k resolution, no compression. - Specular map. 2k resolution, DXT1 compression.
In the SE version, all these are 2k, BC7.
\[race]female - same as one in female folder.


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