Khajiit Child Ma'isha

Khajiit Child Ma'isha 
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This mod adds a Khajiit child whose name is Ma'isha.
You can adopt her such as other urchins.

She can be found around the Crabber's Shanty.

3/17 1:00 2.0 SE version Xbox one version only
  • Fixed incorrect face. Improved eyes textures.
Update 2.0
  • Removes the cannot wear children clothes version.
  • Adds snood to costume.
  • Adds facial textures and facial expression for maisha only.
  • Changes modeling.
  • Packs to bsa.
  • Adds versions for Xbox One、for Special Edition.

Upgrade to 2.0

 I packed to bsa, uninstall it once, and install ths mod.

If you use normal version (it is not child cloth version), please following work.
  1. Open a console command.
  2. Select Ma'isha.
  3. Type "resetinventory".



Optional Files

Replacement Version:
If you use this mod at first time, no need to install newly. For the old user.
She can usually be found around the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun.

Known Issue

Her neck has a little glitch. So do not take her snood.

Special Thanks

おばちゃんのスカイリムガイド How to adopt

Story of development

Request from higeyosi whose modder friend.

He want to adopt khajiit child, I already make pretty khajiit and x 106 skeleton, so it would be possible I use it. Actually I wanted to be in Khajiit caravan, but it was difficult to incorporate.

The prefix Ma means young people or children.
The clubber's shanty is slightly remodeled. I add a child's bed and chair.

(2.0) Since it received the request of the SE version, it was renewed at the same time.

I also wanted to make it for Xbox, so I drew texture myself. It's hand-painted.

I made snood for her. It can be solved problem of neck seem.
And her smile is not so cute, I made expression for her... so I modded a lot of part.

The same adoptable children

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My little hatchling Ram-Ku-Argonian boy
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