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Khajiit Child Ma'isha

Khajiit Child Ma'isha
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This mod adds a Khajiit child whose name is Ma'isha.
You can adopt her such as other urchins.

She can be found around the Crabber's Shanty.

3/17 1:00 2.0 SE version Xbox one version only
Fixed incorrect face. Improved eyes textures.Update 2.0
Removes the cannot wear children clothes version.Adds snood to costume.Adds facial textures and facial expression for maisha only.Changes modeling.Packs to bsa.Adds versions for Xbox One、for Special Edition.
Upgrade to 2.0  I packed to bsa, uninstall it once, and install ths mod.

If you use normal version (it is not child cloth version), please following work.
Open a console command.Select Ma'isha.Type "resetinventory". Requirements HearthFire

Optional Files Replacement Version:
If you use this mod at first time, no need to install newly. For the old user.
She can usually be found around the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun.

Known Issue Her neck has a little glitch. So do n…

Pretty Khajiit 2.0

Pretty Khajiit 2.0
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Update 2.0Added parts:eyes+2 lip+1 nose+1.Improved eye textures, UV and mouth mesh.Adds facial textures in Nexus option file.
Feature This mod adds facial parts which like cat for Khajiit women.

Eyes 6    Large eyes
Eyes 7  Mid eyes
Eyes 8  Miserable eyes
Lip  6    Rounded around a lip
Lip  7  Plumped lips
Nose 6    Small nose
Nose 7    Small nose, improved UV

Adds wide eyes 5 textures for Khajiit men and women.The second khajiit preset like cat.Adds facial textures for Khajiit women in Nexus optional file.
Optional Files Adds facial textures for Khajiit women in Nexus optional file.
It is used Khajiit Child Ma'isha, slightly modified.

Permisssion - Forbid upload tri files.
- Feel free to use your created by it. But if you use textures file, need to write credit.
No need contact me.

プリセットの追加 プリセット2番目に猫っぽいパーツを使ったサンプルを入れてます。


顔テクスチャのオプション カジート女性用の顔テクスチャです。
Khajiit Child Ma'ishaで使っているテクスチャを使いやすいよう少し改変したものです。


Cute Eyes

Cute Eyes 1.2

What is this? This mod replaces textures of the eyes for human races in Skyrim.
The concept is little more realistic and cute than Vanilla.

Irises colors like vanilla a little bigger(x1.02). This position is slightly lower.
Clean(less bloodshot) and bright white of eyes.
Natural Inner.Corners of Eyes.Natural Eyelashes.More reflective gloss Eyes.

Not include Beast and Elves Eyes.

Files have been modified textures\cubemaps\


Log (

2012.03.17 - v1.0 Release.
2012.04.03 - v1.1 fix Light grey and grey edge of the iris.
2012.07.06 - v1.2 Longer and thicker Eyes Lashes. Normalmap fix.

Pretty Face 1.9

Pretty Face 1.9
This mod replaces textures of face for female in Skyrim.
The concept is flat and Smooth face with little realistic.
1.9の変更点Renew textures for men.Reduce texture size of specular file.Clearly double eyelid 1.8の変更点More realstic textures.Added pretty face for men. Removed eyes files.Meshes fix and eyebrows files moved to option files.Remove file.
An additional man in version 1.8. Slightly dark with 1.9 update.

Option Files ・Pretty Face Eyebrows This files included in ECE. If you installed ECE, it is unnecessary. Female only.
・Darker Eyebrows It is twice darker eyebrows than above eyebrows.
・Flatter Normalmap It is a normal map to make it look flatter. Specifically, eyelid and nose are less shadows. Texture can be used even if it is not a Pretty Face.

・Pretty Face Mesh Fix Modify rounded cheeks and symmetrize the around eyes. Female only.
This files included in ECE. If you installed EC…

Face Light

Face Light 2.0
This mod adds lighting spell "Facelight" make face look beautiful.
It is better effect in the dark and backlighting. Does not interfere with visibility.
This effect is persistent, toggle turn on/off by using the facelight spell.

"Facelight Target" is attached to NPC(up to 20).
"FaceLightDark" and "FacelightDark Target" is twice darker than the normal facelight.

I renewed at version 2.0. I recommend that change it from Facelight Plus (because it is unstable).
For Special Edition and XBOX ONESpecial EditionXBOX ONE
It corresponds to Skyrim Special Edition and Xbox One.

Since SKSE can not be used, unlike the regular version, the following functions are not available. 
MCM function including list functionIt is not affected by stealth. (Dark is recommended because there is little influence)Name display when attach a light The magic called Facelight Reset is added to the item of power. Reset all Face Light Targets.

Update 2.02.0 In…


Introduce Hi, I'm tktk. My hobby is modding Skyrim.
I'm good at character creation or combat mod.

Request and Opinion
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Moreover, please also note that opinions and requests may not be adopted.

My PC[CPU] Core i 5 2500 k
[GPU] Radeon HD 7790
[Memory] DDR3 8 GB
[OS] Windows 10 64bit

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