Face Light

Face Light 2.0
This mod adds lighting spell "Facelight" make face look beautiful.
It is better effect in the dark and backlighting. Does not interfere with visibility.
This effect is persistent, toggle turn on/off by using the facelight spell.

"Facelight Target" is attached to NPC(up to 20).
"FaceLightDark" and "FacelightDark Target" is twice darker than the normal facelight.

I renewed at version 2.0. I recommend that change it from Facelight Plus (because it is unstable).

For Special Edition and XBOX ONE

Special Edition XBOX ONE
It corresponds to Skyrim Special Edition and Xbox One.

Since SKSE can not be used, unlike the regular version, the following functions are not available. 

  • MCM function including list function
  • It is not affected by stealth. (Dark is recommended because there is little influence)
  • Name display when attach a light
The magic called Facelight Reset is added to the item of power. Reset all Face Light Targets.

Update 2.0

  • 2.0 Increased max number of facelight target to 20 from 10.
  • Added a list function in MCM. It can be removed facelight from a list. 
  • Change color of lights to more warm ones.
  • Reduce NPC detection by light when player has facelight. No need turn off while sneaking.
  • Changed : add spell automatically to player on loading a game.
  • Display a target name when facelight target is on/off.
  • Increased a speed of facelight projectile.
  • Facelight taget management is more stable.
  • Required SKSE.
  • If you set bDisableAllGore to 1, facelight doesn't light up bug fixed without version change.


SKSE 1.69+
Sky UI 3.1+


There are four kinds of this alteration magic.

Use for yourself Use for others
Bright Facelight Facelight Target
Dark Facelight Dark Facelight Dark Target 

Automatically player gets spells when you load a game for the first time.
If you could not get spells, please use "AddItem Menu".

FaceLight Target List in MCM

Cannot attach the facelight target when it reaches up to a maximum of 20 people.
* Too many light source is performance hit. The Light is disabled when changes an area. So need to manage the light.
Please removes the light from attached character.

List of NPC having facelight is displayed in MCM.
You can remove facelight of NPC in it.
"Reset all list" can be released all NPCs having FaceLight at once.

Effect on the stealth

Facelight automatically reduces NPC detects by brightness as much as facelight gains.
The function is stable, and compatible with other mod basically.

Special Thanks

mod making thread anonymous


    • You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances.
    • You feel free to use hair data for your follower, NPC. But, you must write the credit(use facelight) in your description. No need to contact me.

    Modify light yourself

    In the Creation kit,
    WorldObjects→Light→MagicLightLightSpellFace( or MagicLightLightSpellFaceDark)
    is the light source setting item. Adjusts Color, Radius and Fade.


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