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Ultimate Dragons

Ultimate Dragons 2.1

Ultimate Dragons 2.0 has been revamped!
I remake almost animations. More stable and more exciting!

The mod overhauls dragon combat. This is not unreasonably strong.
Adds new 20+ animations and behavior.
And more new melee combat, new shout, falls down, enrages and locational damage.
Aim to improve the actions, as well as balance is not so strong.
To improve the dragon special battles experience by adding a variety of actions.

No need to create a new game and wait re-spawn dragon when this mod installs and upgrades.

Requirements Skyrim 1.9.32
SKSE 1.72+
SkyUI 3.1 +
Feature Additional Attacks This mod adds new 20+ attacks animations.
Adds new animations of dragon attacks for the first time in the world, This is the most important feature of this mod.
Visual effect and attacks are depend on type of dragon.

Three times shoutShoot ices or fireballs in three directionsSwing BreathFire or frost breath moves toward the right from the left.Tail AttackAttacks with a t…


Plan to release mods

saLa Hairs - it is simply and light weight hair.

Ultimate Bosses -  Reinforce existing bosses. add new animations.
TK Battle Arts -  Add new attack animation e.g. thrust animation. Like TK Combat without magic.
Plan to port XBOX One

Faster Transform
Pretty Face
Those are necessary to limit functions. Enhanced Charater Edit  Only fixed head parts, adds parts, colors and race.Quick Light  cannot key input, so it makes equip version.
Simple Horse cannot key input, so it makes equip or power version.
No port SKSE is essential for making those mod.
TK dodge, TK Hitstop, TK Recoil, TK Combat

Ported Face Light, TK Children, Pretty Khajiit, Khajiit Child Ma'isha

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