Quick Light

Quick Light 1.2

Turn on a light when long press the activation key.
It can be operated like the pip-boy light in Fallout 4.
It is aimed to be quick, easy, simple.


  • Stable, almost no performance hit, compatible with almost mods.
  • Not use an equip slot.
  • The light has infinite duration.
  • No make terrible face by the lantern light.
  • If you use the face light and face light+, auto turn off it for compatible. If you turn off the light, turns on the face light.

How to Use

You can quickly use it after installing.
Turn on/off the light when long press the activation key.
X BOX Pad : A button
Keyboard : E key

It can not be turned on/off the light when player targets something on cross-hair.


It can be configured in the SkyUI MCM.

Type of Light Source

Choose one as a light source among lantern, magic, no effect.


Choose one as brightness of a light source among normal, slightly bright, bright and wide.

Long Press

Set long press the activation key time.

Activate Mod

Deactivate/activate this mod. Please turn off the light before deactivate.


  1. Turn off the light. No need this process if version 2.0 - 2016 09.19.
  2. Deactivate mod in the MCM.
  3. Uninstall this mod.

Special Thanks

Translator of MCM texts.

French    loana
Spanish    LordXamon
German    TheIceman2706
Russian    Nalsur
Italian    tesivo
Turkish    VENUSSS
Polish    yevvie
Czech    redwolf
Serbian    Electriq

It would help if you write a spreadsheet

Not to-do

I aim to keep it as simple as possible.
  • Craft/equip the lantern, bug for light source, use fuel, make animation.
  • For follower.
  • Key config. Other key cannot be set long press the key.


2016 02.11 1.0 Releases in nexus.
2016 03.03 1.1
Can be chosen brightness of light source among normal, bright and wide.
Applied effect immediately after changing setting of MCM.
Supported languages: Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Italian.
NPC don't comment when you are wearing a light source.
Changed 3D model of lantern.
Supported Facelight+.
2016 03.25 1.11 Bug fixed: despite set the magic or no effect, display the lantern when load a game. Updated Spanish text in MCM.
2016 08.26 1.2 Modified the light source to more warm colors and amount.  Added a "slightly bright" to type of brightness. Supported language: Czech, Slovak and Polish.
2016 09.19 1.2  Without version change. When deactivate this mod in MCM, no need to turn off the light. This update is not always necessary.


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