Simple Horse

Simple Horse 1.11

This mod modify horse function e.g. call a last ridden horse with whistle, horse is no fighting.
It is simple, stable, almost no performance hit and compatible with almost mods.

My Goal

I used great horse mods before, e.g. "convenient horses" and "Immersive horses".
Those quality is nice, but those are heavy mod for me.
I avoid needless functions, I aim to be more stable and lighter weight.
Maybe this mod is the lowest performance hit in horse overhaul mods.


SKSE1.7 +
SkyUI 3.1+


Call a last ridden horse

Add "Call Horse" power when start a game.
Use it or press "H" key on the keyboard, you can call a last ridden horse.
It can be changed a key in MCM.

In the case of out of sight come from behind to the front.
You cannot call in interior.

No fighting

A last ridden horse is no fighting.
If you want the horse to be aggressive, unchecked "No Fighting" in MCM.

Fast dismount

Speed ​​to dismount from a horse is faster as same as "Faster Horse Dismounting 75%".

Follower Mount

When player rides a horse, nearby followers ride a horse.
Maximum number of people is five. Default is off.

Spawn a horse for a follower when mount a horse, it disappear when dismount.

This feature is light weight, but rarely rider is glitch and no spawn a horse. These bugs cause by vanilla.

you should be avoid a situation during combat or working. And you should ride a horse in an area as wide as possible.
If your followers don't ride a horse, you can solve it when player moves from there.

Sprint Speed *1.3 version

Sprint speed is 1.3 times as fast as that normal version.
It can be used standalone, and also overwrite it.


Unchecked "activated mod" in MCM, and then please remove it.

May not-todo

Speed adjustment
It is difficult to stable implementation to change in the game. It is the earlier modified by yourself.

Open CK, load the skyrim.esm, Object Window → Character → MovementType → "Horse_Default_MT" is walking, running, "Horse_Sprint_MT" is speed of sprint. and then save esp.


The reason is mainly, cause of complexity, an increase in the work load
  • Inventory of horse
  • Pick up item on horse
  • Decorative function of horse


 Whistling sound (by Ben Boncan) license CC Attribution 3.0
 Faster Horse Dismounting animation by Moirai


2016.09.13 Release.
2016.09.26 Added "Follower mount". Default is OFF.
      Player can whistle in indoor. A horse does not come but lure enemy into a player position.
2016.09.28  Fixed bug: Each time loads a game, unchecked "Follower mount" in MCM. Added sprint speed x1.3 version.


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