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Porting my mods to Special Edition

I get tired of the same question every time.

Porting to SE is very very boring.
SKSE64 is not perfect and Oldrim is still mainstream so please play Oldrim.

PS4 is too restrictive and I cannot port at all.
Porting to Skyrim SE(PC)Porting
Cute EyesTK Dodge - I still need adjustments. But my work is coming to a close. Difficult to porting Porting of the following two mods is very difficult.
Ultimate CombatUltimate Dragons I'm looking for someone who can help with porting InsertAttackData.dll.
The source and the library are below.

PortedEnhanced Character EditFace LightKhajiit Child Ma'ishaPretty FaceQuick LightSimple HorseTK ChildrensaLa Hair Pretty KhajiitTK HitstopTK Recoi  No porting TK Combat - Development has done. I am planning to new mod without magic.

Porting to Xbox One Porting Faster TransformEnhanced Character Edit for XBox
Additional parts and corrections only.Cute Ey…

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